Academy's Mission and Values



Unite goodness and knowledge and inspire youth from every quarter to lead purposeful lives.

Each word is derived from the school’s Deed of Gift, drafted in 1781, and reaffirms the Academy’s commitment to providing students with an education grounded in excellence and the timeless values on which the school was founded. A small committee composed of the principal, several trustees and faculty crafted the mission and values statements, which were then approved by full body of Trustees. In his remarks, Principal Rawson said, “These five values reflect the character of our school and the reason that we are all here today — to prepare you to lead purposeful lives.” He encouraged them to “take these words to heart” and to see the mission as “an invitation to open your minds and to seek out new avenues of discovery in all that you pursue here.”





In 1955, Comrade Guo Moruo wrote the name of the school and explained its meaning as “A hundred-foot pole, a further step”. This is also the motto of the school.